Two Of The Most Commons Reason Why You Have Dry Hair and Using Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Two Of The Most Commons Reason Why You Have Dry Hair and Using Home Remedies For Dry Hair

A healthy cuticle will hold moisture, but the moisture is depleted when the hair is exposed to hot, dry environments and extremely cold conditions. You don’t need to travel outside of your city or even outside your house in order for your hair and scalp to be exposed to a very dehydrating, aging, and damaging situation. You can find times we place our hair and scalp in severe conditions and don’t even know it. Get some dry shampoo reviews for better understanding.

I will tell you two of the most widespread ways, which many feel are harmless, that we dehydrate our hair. I have mentioned already in a previous article the dehydrating affects that high pH shampoos have on your hair. The next could come as a shock to you, and it really is right under your nose. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to discover what I found in some of my studies. I styled hair for over ten years just before I entered the trichology program and became a trichology’s, during which time I was usually attempting to discover a method to dry the hair as I styled it, without drying out the strands. I eliminated all heated tools and simply refused to use the blow dryer. Nevertheless by way of all of the rough hardships of normality and my itch to use a dryer, I did however discover secure yet straightforward safe ways to dry your hair.

Two Of The Most Commons Reason Why You Have Dry Hair and Using Home Remedies For Dry Hair

Simple Methods To Prevent Hair and Scalp Dehydration

Shampooing The Hair: Shampooing the hair is usually the initial step that most folks get wrong. First and foremost you want to pick a shampoo that is either natural or organic like the best dry shampoo. Stay away from shampoos that have to several chemicals especially SLS and DEA they strip the hair of its moisture and God knows what ever other side effects it carries. Be sure to decide on shampoos that have minimal to no alcohol content in them as this also aids in drying out the hair.

Deep Conditioning: After any shampooing of the hair make sure you towel blot to remove excess water. Apply a liberal quantity of conditioner to all strands. You are able to cover your head with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and proceed to rinse it out. Personally with the shampoo I always use organic or all natural product to minimize the use of chemicals, only use dry shampoo for better result.

Air dry your hair as much as feasible no matter if your hair is curly or straight, drying it naturally is safe. Your hair will dry at a slower pace without chance of over drying. Also never preheat the hair dryer and usually keep it on a medium to medium low setting. If you sit under a hot dryer you will start to sweat, and your scalp will begin to dry out because of the sudden and extreme temperature change. Prior to the ends and middle strands can dry, the scalp and also the hair closet to the scalp will start to dry out. After five to 15 minutes, have your stylist rotate your rollers within the opposite direction and continue until the hair is dry.

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